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This auto electric repair tool consists of many parts that help in completing the above functions as efficiently as possible. The engine analyzer has the following built in components: Timing light, Ammeter, Ohmmeter, Vacuum pump and gauge, Oscilloscope, Pressure gauge, Exhaust analyzer etc. All these

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The commonest cause for electrical faults in cars is the 'short circuit' which typically is caused by the so-called 'clashes' in the wiring system. Unless you are professionally qualified in the field of auto vehicle wiring (or mechantronics), you are advised against attempting to carry

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Of course, in modern cars, there are battery charge indicators (in the same panel as the speedometer, fuel gauge and temperature gauge). Using these indicators, you can be able to know when your battery is developing problems, like when it is losing charge too quick,

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Car Battery Lifespan and What Causes Batteries to Fail. The average life expectancy of a car battery is three years or so, but there are several factors that can have an impact on that estimate. Even under the most ideal conditions, chemical reactions cause batteries