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Mobile mechanics can perform a variety of electrical repairs on-site. These include emergency repairs such as battery replacements to more complex repairs done at your home or at work. When you utilise mobile car mechanic services, you get convenient repairs for less cost than you

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"Heat kills car batteries," according to John Banta, a Consumer Reports project leader and part of the team that tests batteries for the magazine. "Many times in cold climates, your battery fails to start your car on a below-freezing day. The reason this happens is

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With other electrically powered features, the cause (and the fix) may not be so simple. Because of that, if any electric accessory stops working it's a good idea to first check whether a fuse that protects the circuit it's on has blown. The owners manual

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Of course, there are plenty of wiring problems an engine can experience and they can be very difficult to locate unless the mechanic is experienced. Analysing electrical problems requires using special equipment combined with mechanic expertise. Today's engines are extremely sophisticated combinations of electronics, electrical

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If your vehicle does not use an automatic tensioning device, then check belt tension as follows: With the engine turned off, grasp the belt at a convenient point about 8 to 10 inches from the alternator pulley. Move the belt slowly up and down. The

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Testing a battery's performance and reserve (or amp-hour) capacity is not just a matter of seeing whether it will hold a charge (or checking the electric eye found on some batteries to see if it is green), so testing is best done by an auto

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Aside from a dead battery or faulty charging system, the most common electrical issues owners are likely to experience are burned-out light bulbs. After bulbs, though, it's likely potluck: Electrical problems could crop up in many places, from the stereo to an electric motor for